DVD Studio Pro - Source Element Types

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Source Element Types

You choose from five different elements to be used as the source type.

GPRM: Allows you to select any of the available GPRMs as the source.

SPRM: Allows you to select any of the 24 SPRMs as the source. See

System Parameter

Register Memories Details

for a list of SPRMs.

Immediate: Allows you to enter a decimal value, whose range depends on the size of

the selected GPRM register, as the source.

Jump Target: Allows you to select from all available project elements (menus, tracks,

stories, slideshows, and scripts) as the source.

Special: Allows you to choose from Current Item, Last Item, and Last Track as the source.

Current Item: This is this script, unless this is a pre-script. If this is a pre-script, the

Current Item is the project element (menu, track, slideshow, or story) the script is
assigned to.

Last Item: This is the project element that started this script running.

Last Track: This is the last track that was played, even if this script was started by a

button on a menu.

Note: Jump Target and Special require the target to be a 16-bit GPRM register.


Chapter 20

Creating Scripts