DVD Studio Pro - Set GPRM Command

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Set GPRM Command

The set GPRM command is used to determine a value that is then placed in a GPRM
location. There are four elements to set:

The operation type: There are 11 operations you can choose from, ranging from a simple

move to a “bit-wise exclusive or.” See

Operation Types

for details on using these


The source type: You choose from five possible source element types that can be used

as the source. See

Source Element Types

for details on the element types.

The source value: Once you choose the source element type, you can then choose the

actual element. For example, if you choose an SPRM element type, you use this setting
to choose the specific SPRM to use as the source.

The GPRM target: You choose a GPRM location where the value gets written. Depending

on the operation you choose, this GPRM location may also be the second value in a
math operation. For example, if you choose a subtraction operation, the source value
is subtracted from the current target value and the result is written to the target location.

Choose the operation.

Choose the source
element type.

Choose the GPRM

Choose the actual
source element.

To configure a set command


In the Script Command Inspector, choose the operation from the Operation pop-up menu.


Choose the source element type from the Source Type pop-up menu.


Choose the actual source element from the Source Value pop-up menu. The list of
elements is determined by the source element type selection set in step 2.


Chapter 20

Creating Scripts

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Choose the GPRM target from the Target pop-up menu.