DVD Studio Pro - GPRM-Based Checkbox

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GPRM-Based Checkbox

A jump normally goes to a specific part of an element; for example, to button 3 on menu
2. Jumps also have the ability to use a value from a GPRM to determine which button or
marker they should go to. This is useful if, instead of jumping to a set location, you want
to jump to a place that is flexible, based on a value that a previous script writes to a GPRM.

To jump to a GPRM-based location


In the Script Command Inspector, select the GPRM Based checkbox to enable the GPRM
selection pop-up menu.


Choose the element to jump to from the Jump To pop-up menu. Specific buttons and
markers will be unavailable—you can only choose the basic elements (a menu, track,
story, and so on).


Choose the GPRM to use from the GPRM pop-up menu.

When jumping to menu buttons, you can load the GPRM with the actual button number
(1 through 36).

When jumping to markers, you must enter the marker number (1 through 99). Any values
you enter above 99 result in the first marker being selected.


Chapter 20

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