DVD Studio Pro - GPRM Mode Command

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GPRM Mode Command

Each 16-bit GPRM register can be set to function as a memory location or as an
incrementing counter. By default, all GPRM registers, including those partitioned to smaller
registers than 16-bits, are set to be memory registers.

Counter mode: The value loaded into the register increments once per second. This

mode can be a useful way to determine how far into the track the viewer has played.

Register mode: A value written to a register remains there until a new value is written

or the disc is ejected.

To configure the GPRM mode command


In the Script Command Inspector, click either the Counter or Register Mode button to
set the selected GPRM’s mode.


Choose the GPRM register to configure with the Set To pop-up menu.

Only 16-bit GPRM registers appear in the pop-up menu. See

Setting a GPRM’s Mode


more information.