DVD Studio Pro - Element Types to Compare

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Element Types to Compare

You can choose from five different elements to be compared to the selected GPRM.

GPRM: Allows you to select any of the available GPRMs to compare.

SPRM: Allows you to select any of the 24 SPRMs to compare. See

System Parameter

Register Memories Details

for a list of SPRMs.

Immediate: Allows you to enter a decimal value, whose range depends on the size of

the selected GPRM register, to compare.

Jump Target: Allows you to select from all available project elements (menus, tracks,

stories, slideshows, and scripts) to compare.

Special: Allows you to choose from Current Item, Last Item, and Last Track to compare.

Current Item: This is this script, unless this is a pre-script. If this is a pre-script, the

Current Item is the project element (menu, track, slideshow, or story) the script is
assigned to.

Last Item: This is the project element that started this script running.

Last Track: This is the last track that was played, even if this script was started by a

button on a menu.

Note: Jump Target and Special require the selected GPRM to be a 16-bit GPRM register.
If you choose a partitioned GPRM with the “Execute if” pop-up menu before choosing
the element type, Jump Target and Special will not be available. If you choose Jump
Target or Special as the element type before choosing the “Execute if” GPRM, partitioned
GPRMs will not be available.