DVD Studio Pro - Compare Function

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Compare Function

You can use the compare function to determine whether or not a command executes
(also known as a conditional instruction execution). For example, you might set a jump
command to go to a track, but use the compare function to make sure the DVD player
supports its aspect ratio. If the compare function is not satisfied, the command is skipped
and the script moves down to the next command.

A compare function compares a specified element, which you select, with a value in a
specified GPRM. You choose how to compare the two elements from a list of operations
(equal to, greater than, and so on).

Choose the element type.

Choose the compare

Enables the compare

Choose the actual

Choose the GPRM

To configure a compare


In the Script Command Inspector, select the Compare Command checkbox to activate
the compare settings.


Choose the GPRM location to compare to the selected element from the “Execute if”
pop-up menu.


Choose the compare operation type from the “is” pop-up menu.


Choose the type of elements to compare from the “to” pop-up menu.


Choose the actual element to compare to the GPRM from the “with value” pop-up menu.


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