DVD Studio Pro - Testing a Script in the Simulator

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Testing a Script in the Simulator

The DVD Studio Pro Simulator has a Registers display that shows useful information when
testing a script. The display appears when you click the Simulator’s Info button.

Select to show
the GPRM values.

Select to show the values
as hexadecimals.

Select to show
the SPRM values

You can display either the SPRM or GPRM values, or both at the same time. You can also
choose whether the values appear as decimal numbers or hexadecimal numbers. Seeing
the SPRM and GPRM values can be useful when you want to ensure the right values are
being set in the registers.

Additionally, you are able to enter values into the registers to preset a specific condition
you want to test. To enter a value, double-click its existing value and enter the new one.
Also, you can name the GPRMs within the Simulator. To name a GPRM, double-click the
existing name in the Description column and enter a new one.

The Simulator has several preferences settings that allow you to verify script commands
that rely on general DVD player settings, such as language preferences, aspect ratio, and
region code. See

Simulator Preferences

for more information on Simulator preferences.


Simulating Your Project

for more information on using the Simulator.