DVD Studio Pro - Command Line Add and Delete Buttons

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Command Line Add and Delete Buttons

There are three buttons you can use to add or remove command lines from the Script

Inserts a command line
below the selected line.

Adds a command line
to the end of the list.

Deletes the selected
command line.

Add (+): Clicking the Add button, or pressing Command–Equal Sign (=), adds a command

line to the script. This command line is always placed at the end of the list, regardless
of which command is currently selected. By default, each added command line is set
to Nop (no operation) which works as a placeholder for the actual command you will
select in the Inspector.

Delete (–): Clicking the Delete button removes the currently selected command line

from the list. You can also use the keyboard’s Delete key.

Insert: Clicking the Insert button, or pressing Command–Shift–Equal Sign (=), adds a

new command line to the list, positioned after the currently selected command line.
All command lines below the current one ripple down one location. As with the Add
button, the new command is a Nop.