DVD Studio Pro - About the Script Tab

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About the Script Tab

You click the Script tab to access the Script Editor. The Script Editor lists the command
lines within the script. You use its Add button to add command lines to the script. The
other buttons provide methods for managing the order of the command lines. Because
scripts generally execute the command lines in order, starting at command line 1, it is
important to have them in the correct order.

Select to view the
values as hexadecimal.

Choose the script to work
with in the editor.

Command line
reorder tools

Command line add
and delete controls

Drag this bar to adjust
column sizes.

Once you have multiple commands in the list, you can move between them by either
selecting the one you want to go to or using the keyboard’s Up Arrow and Down Arrow
keys to step from one to the other. You can also press the Command key along with the
Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys to jump to the first or last command line, or the Page
Up and Page Down keys to move through the list one page at a time.


Chapter 20

Creating Scripts