DVD Studio Pro - About the Script Command Inspector

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About the Script Command Inspector

A Script Command Inspector appears when you select a command line. To display the
Script Command Inspector, you need to select a command line in the Script Editor.

Enter a comment

Choose a command.

Configure the command.

Configure a compare
function (optional).

The Script Command Inspector has four sections:

• The command selection section, where you select which of the ten commands to use

• The command setup section, where you configure the command’s parameters. The

actual contents of this section vary, based on the command selected.

• The compare section, where you can add a compare function to the command

• The comment section, where you can add a comment to the command. Comments

are useful for both yourself and others later on when trying to remember why certain
commands were added.


Script Command Details

for details on setting up the commands.


Chapter 20

Creating Scripts