DVD Studio Pro - Advanced Tab in the Menu Inspector for Standard Menus

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Advanced Tab in the Menu Inspector for Standard Menus

The Advanced tab in the Menu Inspector for standard menus contains settings that are
used only in specialized projects.

Disabled User Operations

Playback Options settings

Disabled User Operations Settings

Disabled User Operations: Select the functions that you want to be disabled while this

menu plays. See

User Operations

for more information.


Chapter 13

Creating Menus Using the Standard Method

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Playback Options Settings

Pre-Script: Choose a script to run before the menu appears. This script can decide

whether to show the menu or configure the DVD player before showing it. See


for information on pre-scripts.

DVD@CCESS: Selecting this checkbox allows you to add DVD@CCESS links, which provide

additional functionality to your title when played on a computer. See



more information.

Display Condition: Selecting this checkbox enables the Display Condition settings that

control whether or not this menu should be displayed and to define what should be
displayed if not this menu. See

Display Condition

for more information.