DVD Studio Pro - End Setting

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End Setting

You can use the End setting to set the menu’s ending frame. By default, this is set to the
value entered in the Menu pane in DVD Studio Pro Preferences if the menu has any motion
assets. You can adjust it to be shorter or longer. This is most useful when you do not want
to use the entire video background asset—when used along with the Start setting, you
can choose the specific part of the video to use.

When using the slider: Its maximum setting matches the length of the menu’s

background video. If the background is a still image, the slider maximum setting matches
the longest of the other menu assets (audio or assets assigned to buttons and drop

When using the numeric timecode entry: You are able to choose any length.


Chapter 13

Creating Menus Using the Standard Method

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When the end is reached during playback, either all assets stop and display their last
frame as a still image (At End set to Still), or the playback jumps to the Loop, if available,
or Start setting.

If any assets assigned to the menu reach their end before the menu reaches the End
setting, they are looped back to their start to keep playing.