DVD Studio Pro - Video Clips for Backgrounds

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Video Clips for Backgrounds

Assigning a video clip as a menu’s background creates a motion menu. The video can be
an animation or live action. Often the video is actually a still background with several
small moving images representing scenes you can jump to. See

Creating Video for Motion


for more information on creating the video.

You can choose what happens when a menu’s video clip reaches its end:

• It can simply stop, displaying a still image of the last frame.

• It can loop, jumping from the end back to a point in the video clip that you choose.

It is common for a menu’s video clip to have a relatively complicated
introduction—perhaps with the buttons flying in and a piece of dialogue providing the
audio—and then resolve into a mostly still graphic, with lights flickering or objects moving
in a repetitive way. This kind of design makes it easier to create a loop that jumps from
the end back to the loop point as smoothly as possible.


Configuring Motion Menu Settings

for more information on setting looping options.