DVD Studio Pro - Shapes in Drop Zones

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Shapes in Drop Zones

While shapes are primarily intended to be applied to buttons, they can be useful when
applied to drop zones, too.

Without a shape, a drop zone usually has a rectangular outline, because that is the shape
of the still images and video clips you can add to the drop zones. Shapes, however, can
have an irregular outline, and when applied to a drop zone, the irregular outline is
maintained. This makes it possible to have heart- or star-shaped drop zones—or any
shape you want to create and import. Using a shape in a drop zone, you could add your
corporate logo to your menus without having to composite it externally.

Shapes with patches can also be used with drop zones. See

Adding Shapes to a Menu

for more information.

Note: A drop zone can also have an irregular edge if the asset assigned to it has an alpha
channel. See

Creating Graphics for Drop Zones and Buttons

for more information.


Chapter 13

Creating Menus Using the Standard Method