DVD Studio Pro - Settings at the Top of the Button Inspector

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Settings at the Top of the Button Inspector

There are three settings at the top of the Button Inspector.

Name: By default, buttons you manually add are named “Button _,” where “_” is the

button number on that menu. To reduce confusion when viewing a list of the menu’s
buttons, it is helpful to rename the buttons based on their functions.

Note: Buttons created as a result of a Drop Palette action that creates other project
elements are named after the new project elements. In the case of actions that create
a new track, the button and the track are named after the video asset.

Button #: Next to the button’s name is its number. This number is based on the order

in which the buttons are added to the menu. See

About Button Numbers

for information

on changing this number and why it can be important.

Target: You can use this pop-up menu to define a button’s action when activated. (You

can also use the Connections tab or Control-click the button.) Often you must set the
connection later because what you want to jump to has not yet been added to the
project. The pop-up menu contains all possible elements you can jump to.


Chapter 13

Creating Menus Using the Standard Method