DVD Studio Pro - Setting a Button’s Connection

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Setting a Button’s Connection

The main purpose of a button is to provide a way for the viewer to jump to a new disc
location. For this to work, you must assign an element from your project as the button’s

There are several ways to set a button’s connection:

• Using the Target setting in the Button Inspector

• Using the shortcut menu that appears when you Control-click a button

• Using the Connections tab. See

Establishing Connections

for more information.

In some cases, when using the dragging methods to add assets to a menu and selecting
options from the Drop Palette, the connection is automatically set. See

Dragging Assets

to the Menu Editor

for more information.

You can see a button’s current connection by placing the pointer over it and reading the
tooltip that appears.

To set a button’s connection in the Button Inspector


Select the button whose connection you want to set.


Choose the element to connect to from the Target pop-up menu in the top section of
the Button Inspector.


Chapter 13

Creating Menus Using the Standard Method

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To set a button’s connection using the shortcut menu


Control-click the button whose connection you want to set, choose Target from the
shortcut menu, then choose the element to connect to from the submenus.

A checkmark appears next to the currently selected target.

Those elements that can have a pre-script assigned to them (menus, tracks, stories, and
slideshows) are listed in square brackets. Setting a button’s target to the element in
brackets allows the pre-script, if one is assigned to the element, to run before the element
appears. If you set the target to anything else in the list, the pre-script is not run. See


for more information.

About Resume

If you jump to a menu while watching a track, for example, by pressing the remote
control’s Menu button, the DVD player remembers what track you were playing and
how far you were into it.

A mostly unknown feature of DVD players is that you can press the Menu button while
in a menu to resume playing the track at the same place you jumped from.

Creating a button on the menu and setting its Target to Resume provides the viewer
with a more obvious way to resume playing the track.