DVD Studio Pro - Creating Text-Only Buttons

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Creating Text-Only Buttons

You can create text-only buttons that only have the text as their graphic. This is useful if
you want a simple button that says something like “Play Movie.” By centering the text in
the button and configuring the button so that the selected and activated highlights apply
to the text, you can create a button that works well in a DVD title.

To create a text-only button


Create a button active area by dragging in the Menu Editor.


Add text to the button, either in the Button Inspector or by typing directly in the Menu


Set the text’s font and color.


Chapter 13

Creating Menus Using the Standard Method

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In the Style tab in the Button Inspector, choose Center for the Position, and select Include
Text in Highlight.


Adjust the size of the button’s active area so that it fits the text.

You can now set the button’s selected and activated highlights as you would any simple
overlay graphic.

Note: If you open a DVD Studio Pro project that uses a font that is not on the computer
you are opening it on (either because the font was deleted or the project was created
on a different computer), any items using the missing font have a different font substituted
with no warning.