DVD Studio Pro - Dragging a Shape from the Palette

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Dragging a Shape from the Palette

The Palette offers three groups of shapes and shows you thumbnails of all the shapes
you have to choose from.

To drag a shape from the Palette


Select the Shapes tab in the Palette.

Select the group
of shapes to display.

A soft gray border
appears around
the selected shape.


Select the group of shapes to display:

To display the shapes included with DVD Studio Pro: Click Apple.

Note: Not all shapes supplied with DVD Studio Pro support highlights. Some are
intended to be used only with drop zones and do not include the highlight layer used
by buttons.

To display the shapes that have been imported for use by all projects: Click Custom.

To display shapes imported for use by this project only: Click Project.


Scroll through the available shapes, then select the one you want to use.


Chapter 13

Creating Menus Using the Standard Method

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To add the shape to any empty part of the menu, drag it to the Menu Editor. If you hover
over the area for a second, the Drop Palette appears, where you can choose to create a
button or drop zone. See

Adding Drop Zones to Your Menu

for additional information

about drop zones.


To apply the shape to an existing button, select the button in the Menu Editor, then do
one of the following:

• Click Apply in the Palette.

• Drag the shape to the button.

When dragged to an empty part of the menu, the shape becomes a button and appears
at its actual size. You can move it and change its size by either dragging it or entering
coordinate and size values in the Advanced tab in the Button Property Inspector.

When applying or dragging the shape to an existing button, the shape’s size changes to
match the existing button’s size.