DVD Studio Pro - Mixing Overlay Buttons with Layered Buttons

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Mixing Overlay Buttons with Layered Buttons

So that you can combine overlay and layered buttons on the same menu, the color
mapping settings are active at all times—even when you aren’t adding an overlay to the
menu. If you see an unexpected color appear in the active areas in any of the button
states (normal, selected, or activated), you need to configure the color mapping settings.

If no overlay file is assigned to a layered menu, a plain white image is used in place of
the overlay file. If the color mapping settings apply a color to white, that color will appear
in the active areas.

When working with a layered menu without an assigned overlay file, you must either:

• Select Simple as the Overlay Colors setting. This automatically sets white to be fully


• Select Advanced as the Overlay Colors setting, then set the opacity for white to 0 for

each selection state.