DVD Studio Pro - Menu Tab in the Layered Menu Inspector

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Menu Tab in the Layered Menu Inspector

Most settings in the Menu tab in the Layered Menu Inspector are optional. An exception
is the Aspect Ratio setting, which must be set correctly for each menu.

Default Button: Choose the button to be selected when the menu appears during

playback of the title. This setting can be overridden by any element that jumps to this
menu, based on its jump setting, and the Highlight Condition setting.

Return Button: Choose the project element to jump to if you press the Return button

on the DVD player’s remote control.

Highlight Condition: Provides an alternative method to the Default Button setting for

determining which button to highlight. When Highlight Condition is set to Default, the
Default Button setting supplies the button highlight setting. When Highlight Condition
is set to one of its stream settings (audio, subtitle, camera angle), the number of the
stream last played determines the button to highlight. This setting can be overridden
by any element that jumps to this menu, based on its jump setting.

Language: Choose the language in which this menu should be displayed. See


Languages with Menus

for more information.

Resolution: Choose the menu’s resolution.

For SD projects: The resolution is either 720 x 480i (NTSC) or 720 x 576i (PAL).

For HD projects: You can choose from any of the supported resolutions. DVD Studio Pro

Preferences includes a setting for the default resolution. The resolution automatically
changes to match the menu’s background video resolution if it matches one of the
supported resolutions. Choosing a resolution different than that used by the menu’s
background video results in the menu being scaled and rendered to this setting
when you build the project.


Chapter 15

Creating Menus Using the Layered Method

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Display Mode: Set the aspect ratio for this menu (4:3 or 16:9). With 16:9, you also choose

how it will display on a 4:3 monitor. The aspect ratio of the background and overlay
must match this setting. See

Working with 16:9 Menus

for more information.

Number Pad: Defines which buttons are directly accessible by a DVD player’s numeric

keypad. Choose All, None, or a button number from the pop-up menu. When you
choose a button number, that button and all buttons less than that number are
accessible via the numeric keypad—buttons greater than this value are blocked from
direct access.

Btn Offset: You can use this setting to offset button numbers so they make sense to a

viewer who wants to select a button by entering its number. For example, you may
have a set of scene selection menus with numbered scenes. One of the menus may
have scenes 23 to 34, with the button for scene 23 being the first button on the menu.
If you enter an offset value of 22 for this menu, when the viewer enters 23 on the
remote control, 22 is subtracted from it, with the result being 1—the button’s actual