DVD Studio Pro - General Tab in the Layered Menu Inspector

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General Tab in the Layered Menu Inspector

The General tab in the Layered Menu Inspector is divided into three sections: The upper
section contains the menu timeout settings, the middle section contains the background
configuration settings, and the lower section contains the overlay configuration settings.

Menu timeout settings

Background settings

Overlay settings

Menu Timeout Settings

At End: Choose whether the menu displays indefinitely (Still) or performs a jump action

if there is no activity for a period of time (Timeout).

Sec: Active only when At End is set to Timeout. Enter the number of seconds the menu

appears before jumping to the Action setting.

Action: Choose the element to jump to once the timeout ends.

Background Settings

Background: Choose the layered PSD file to use as the menu’s background.

Show: Select the checkboxes next to each layer that you want to appear as part of the


Overlay Settings

Overlay: Choose the file to use as the menu’s overlay file. Set this only if you want to

use both overlay-based buttons and layered buttons on this menu.

Show: Select the checkbox next to the layer you want to use as the overlay for the

menu. Unlike backgrounds where you can select multiple layers, you can only select a
single layer for use as an overlay.


Chapter 15

Creating Menus Using the Layered Method