DVD Studio Pro - Working with Markers

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Working with Markers

You can add up to 255 markers to a track, although a maximum of 99 can be set as chapter
markers. Each marker has its own properties that define its purpose. Markers can be used

• Identify chapter points that the viewer can skip to when viewing the title

• Define when buttons appear over the video stream

• Identify the dual-layer break point when creating dual-layer projects

• Identify points in the stream that can be accessed by buttons and scripts


Chapter 17

Creating and Editing Tracks

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• Identify points where mixed-angle tracks can start

• Configure a DVD@CCESS operation to launch once the viewer reaches the marker point

while playing the title

• Set a jump to another element in the project once the marker reaches its end. This is

most often used by scripts that are set to play a portion of the stream and then return
to another place in the project.

There are three ways to place markers on your track:

• You can manually place the markers along the track’s timeline.

• If you are editing your video using Final Cut Pro 3.0.2 or later or Final Cut Express, you

can place the markers as part of the editing process. These markers are automatically
imported into DVD Studio Pro when you import the video asset. See

Adding and

Configuring Markers in Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express

for more information.

• You can import a text file that contains a list of markers.

With all three methods, you can always edit the markers’ position and attributes as needed.