DVD Studio Pro - Simulating a Track

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Simulating a Track

Simulating a track allows you to verify all streams and any special interactivity you may
have built into it.

To simulate a track
Do one of the following:


Select the track, then choose File > Simulate Track, or press Command-Option-0 (zero).


Control-click the track’s name in the Outline tab or its tile in the Graphical tab, then choose
Simulate Track from the shortcut menu.


Control-click one of the streams in the Track Editor, then choose Simulate from Track
from the shortcut menu.

These methods force the Simulator to start at this specific track instead of the First Play
connection, as it does when you open it using the icon in the toolbar.

Once the track starts playing, you can use the Simulator’s controls to choose the streams
to view (angle, audio, and subtitle).


Simulating Your Project

for information on using the Simulator.


Chapter 17

Creating and Editing Tracks

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Slideshows can be combined with video tracks on a DVD to provide extra information
about the subject, such as historical information, newspaper and magazine articles, and
cast biographies.

This chapter covers the following:

Introduction to Slideshows

(p. 417)

Want Your Slideshows to Do More?

(p. 418)

File Formats for Slideshows

(p. 418)

Adding a Slideshow to Your Project

(p. 419)

Creating a Slideshow Using the Menu Editor

(p. 420)

Working with Slides in a Slideshow

(p. 421)

Adding Audio to Your Slideshow

(p. 424)

Working with Slideshows

(p. 427)

Setting Slideshow Properties

(p. 437)

Setting Slide Properties

(p. 440)

Previewing a Slideshow

(p. 441)

Simulating a Slideshow

(p. 442)

Introduction to Slideshows

In much the same way you assemble video assets in the Track Editor, you can assemble
still images in slideshows, with fixed or user-controlled duration, and with or without
audio. With the DVD Studio Pro slideshow feature, you can also create presentations with
high-quality audio, and even put photo albums and scrapbooks on DVDs.

Slideshows can be used for training, human resources information, education, corporate
communications, health care, weddings, and special events. Features, documentaries,
and promotional materials on DVD can include slideshows for supplementary materials.