DVD Studio Pro - Pausing or Stopping Playback?

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Pausing or Stopping Playback?

The difference between pausing and stopping playback is what happens to the playhead:

When you pause playback by clicking the Play/Pause button: The playhead remains at its

current position.

When you stop playback by clicking the Stop button: The playhead jumps to the position

it was at when playback started.

You can also use your keyboard’s Space bar to pause or stop the track. The “Space bar
toggles between play/pause” setting in the Track pane of DVD Studio Pro Preferences
controls whether the Space bar pauses or stops the track:

With the checkbox selected: The Space bar pauses playback, leaving the playhead at its

current position.

With the checkbox not selected: The Space bar stops playback, returning the playhead

to its original position.

Holding down the Space bar while playing the clip allows you to stop playing the clip
automatically by releasing the Space bar. The playhead then follows the above preferences