DVD Studio Pro - Using Still Clip Transitions

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Using Still Clip Transitions

When you add a still asset as a clip to a track, you are able to configure a transition for it.
The transition can be an effect, such as a dissolve or wipe, that provides a smooth transition
from the still clip to the next clip.


Chapter 17

Creating and Editing Tracks

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Each still clip in a track has its own transition settings, accessible in the Transition tab in
the Clip Inspector. You can also set a default transition for the track in the Transition tab
in the Track Inspector.

The transition is considered part of the still clip, and, in most cases, does not affect its
duration. Using long transitions may lead to the still being visible for only a short time,
or may require the clip’s duration to be increased. If any clips use transitions, the transitions
appear as a shaded area in the timeline.

Transition indicator

Each transition has a start and end frame. The start frame is the still you are transitioning
from and the end frame is the still you are transitioning to. If you are transitioning to a
video clip, the end frame is the first frame of the video clip.

Note: You cannot configure a transition from a video clip to a still clip.