DVD Studio Pro - Playhead

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The playhead provides a visual indication of what part of the track is currently playing in
the Viewer tab. When you play the track, the playhead moves along the track’s timeline.
It also provides a way to scroll across the timeline and see the video in the Viewer tab.

The playhead is in the timeline’s timecode area. With new tracks, the playhead is located
at the track’s start.

The playhead
at the track start


Chapter 17

Creating and Editing Tracks

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A playhead icon appears in the timeline scroller area to let you know where it is relative
to the part of the timeline being shown, which is useful if you cannot see the playhead
in the Track Editor. For example, if the playhead icon appears to the left of the scroller,
that means the playhead is at a point in time before the clips currently visible in the

The playhead appears
in the timeline’s scroller.