DVD Studio Pro - Video Assets for SD-Based DVD Video Streams

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Video Assets for SD-Based DVD Video Streams

All video assets on an SD-based DVD stream must use the same aspect ratio (4:3 or 16:9),
the same video standard (PAL or NTSC), and the same MPEG type (SIF MPEG-1 or full D1
MPEG-2, for example).

Note: All QuickTime video assets you import into an SD project are encoded as full D1
MPEG-2 assets and can be mixed with still images in a video stream.


Chapter 17

Creating and Editing Tracks

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About Segmented MPEG Files

The segmented MPEG files created by some third-party encoders do not import correctly
into DVD Studio Pro. Some encoders segment their large encoded files into 1 GB files.
When imported into DVD Studio Pro, only the first 1 GB segment is imported. You need
to combine the files into a single file before importing the asset into DVD Studio Pro.
There are several third-party applications that can be used to combine a segmented
MPEG file into a single file.