DVD Studio Pro - Still Assets for Video Streams

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Still Assets for Video Streams

You can add still images to a video stream to either manually create a slideshow or create
a stream with mixed motion and still video. Stills can be added to all SD and HD tracks
except those using SIF, 1/2 D1, cropped D1 MPEG-2, or H.264 format assets.

Still asset clips in a stream must each be at least 15 frames long for NTSC projects, or
12 frames long for PAL projects.

Note: To have still assets with shorter durations, you can edit them into a video asset
using an external video editor.

Still clips can have a transition added to their end. The transition controls what happens
at the end of the still clip—for example, you can configure it to dissolve or wipe to the
next clip, whether the next clip is a video or still clip. See

Using Still Clip Transitions


more information.