DVD Studio Pro - Settings at the Top of the Track Inspector

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Settings at the Top of the Track Inspector

There are three settings at the top of the Track Inspector.

Name: Enter the name for the track. If a track is created because a video asset was

dragged to the Menu Editor, the Outline tab, or the Graphical tab, it is automatically
named the same as the video asset. In other cases, the track is named “Track _” where
“_” is the next available number.

Est. Size: Shows the approximate amount of disc space the track will require. This takes

into account all of the assets assigned to the video, audio, and subtitle streams.

End Jump: Choose the element to jump to once the track finishes playing. If you don’t

make this selection, the DVD player will be unable to continue playing the title when
it reaches this point. If the track was created by dragging an asset to the Menu Editor,
the End Jump is automatically set to jump back to that menu.


Chapter 17

Creating and Editing Tracks