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Other Tab in the Track Inspector

The Timestamps settings in the Other tab in the Track Inspector applies to both SD and
HD projects. The other settings in the tab apply only to SD projects.

Timestamps: Shows the start timecode of the first video asset in the V1 stream. You

can also enter a track offset that is used in place of the first video asset’s timecode
when you choose Asset-Based Timecode in the Track Editor. See

Timecode in the


for more information.

Reset: Click to change the track offset back to 00:00:00:00, allowing the first asset start

time to be used for the timeline (if you are using asset-based timecode in the Track

Closed Caption: SD projects only. Use these settings to assign a closed caption file to

this track. See

Line 21 Settings for Closed Captions

for more information.

Macrovision: SD projects only. This setting allows you to override the disc’s Macrovision

copy-protection settings for this track. If you have not enabled the Macrovision settings
for the disc in the Disc Inspector, setting this to one of the three types automatically
enables Macrovision for the disc. See

About the Macrovision Settings

for more



Chapter 17

Creating and Editing Tracks