DVD Studio Pro - Setting Stream Properties

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Setting Stream Properties

Each stream has a few settings you can use while configuring it.

Click to lock the stream,
preventing inadvertent
changes to it.

Choose a language
to assign to each audio
and subtitle stream.

Click to choose one
video, audio, and subtitle
stream to play in the
Viewer tab.

Each stream has a button at the far-left side of the Track tab that you can click to enable
that stream when you play the track in the Viewer tab. You can choose one video, and
optionally, one audio and one subtitle stream.

Each audio and subtitle stream in a track can have a language assigned to it. When the
track plays, it can select a stream based on the DVD player’s language setting. If no suitable
stream is found, the player plays the first stream.

Note: The Languages area of the Outline tab and the Add Language icon in the toolbar
are used when creating multiple-language menus and are not used by the Track Editor.

Setting Up Menus for the Languages

for more information.


Chapter 17

Creating and Editing Tracks

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You can protect a stream from accidental changes by clicking its lock icon. When it is
open (unlocked), you can make changes to the stream; when the lock is closed, you can’t.
You can still select it for previewing and assign a language to it, but you cannot make
any changes to its clips.

To lock all streams


Choose Project > Timeline > Lock All Streams (or press Shift-F4).