DVD Studio Pro - Settings at the Top of the Marker Inspector

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Settings at the Top of the Marker Inspector

The following settings are at the top of the Marker Inspector.

Name: Enter the name for the marker. See

Track Preferences

for information on how

DVD Studio Pro can automatically assign names to markers. A number is automatically
appended to the name you enter if a marker with that name already exists on that


Chapter 17

Creating and Editing Tracks

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End Jump: Choose the project element to jump to when the marker finishes playing

(occurs just before the next marker is reached). This is typically left at “not set.” In most
cases, if you leave it at “not set,” each marker is automatically connected to the next
marker. This setting can be used by specialized projects and scripts that dynamically
control which parts of the track plays. See

Setting Chapter Marker End Jumps

for more