DVD Studio Pro - Introduction to Stories

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Introduction to Stories

A story is simply a way to rearrange the playback of the track cells defined by the chapter
markers. You may want to create a version of a track that skips some objectionable
content, or you may want to use a short piece of the track as a preview. A story does not
increase the amount of disc space the track requires because it is simply playing the
track’s markers in a different order.

A story has access to the entire track, but it does not have to include it all. You can choose
which chapter markers to include and in what order—you can even play a marker’s video
more than once.

Additionally, you can exclude and subtitle audio streams from a story. By default, a story
has access to the same audio and subtitle streams that the track has access to, which can
be a problem if your intention is to present a less objectionable version of the track by
providing alternative audio and subtitle streams. By excluding selected audio streams,
you can force the DVD player to play the alternate audio and subtitle streams.


Chapter 17

Creating and Editing Tracks