DVD Studio Pro - How Many Tracks Should You Have?

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How Many Tracks Should You Have?

Depending on your intended result, your project may have one long track, or you may
choose to divide your material into multiple tracks that can be played separately or linked

For example, if you are working on a long project that you expect the viewer to watch
from beginning to end, using one long track is the best option. This eliminates any pauses
that the viewer may encounter while the DVD player jumps from one track to another.
Even if your project contains several independent segments that the viewer would not
watch one after the other, you can still use a single track and set actions on the markers
to break the track into the smaller segments. Or, you can create separate tracks for each
segment—whichever method is easiest for you to manage.

In some cases, such as a track with a mixture of still images and motion clips, you may
need to use multiple tracks to work around the 99 chapter marker-per-track limit.

If you think you may need to replace some segments in your project later on—for example,
to customize for various countries or to update outdated sections—you may find it easier
to replace these segments if they are separate tracks.