DVD Studio Pro - Exporting an MPEG Clip

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Exporting an MPEG Clip

You can export the contents of the V1 stream as an MPEG file. This can be useful in some

• If you have a long video asset and want to make a separate asset of a small part of it,

you can add the asset to the stream, trim it to the size you want, and export it as a new
asset. You can use this asset as you would any other asset. For example, you could use
it as a menu background.

• You can edit multiple assets into the stream, and then export them as a single MPEG


Note: You cannot export the stream as an MPEG file if the stream contains still images
or uses H.264 format clips.

To export an MPEG file from the V1 stream


Configure the stream as needed.


Do one of the following:

• Choose File > Export > MPEG File.

• Control-click the stream, then choose Export MPEG File from the shortcut menu.


Enter a name and select a destination for the file in the Save Stream dialog that appears,
then click Save.

When exporting a large asset, be sure you have sufficient disk space to hold the file.