DVD Studio Pro - Editing Video and Audio Clips

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Editing Video and Audio Clips

You can trim the start and end of a clip, which is useful when you need to remove a
portion of an asset for artistic reasons (such as a bumped camera). It is important to
understand that video clips in DVD Studio Pro are trimmed based on GOP boundaries—you
cannot choose a specific frame to trim to. The typical GOP (Group of Pictures) size for
NTSC video is 15 frames—for PAL video it is 12 frames. This means you may have to
choose between trimming a little too much or not quite enough. If you need to trim a
clip precisely, you should use a video editor to make the trim, and then bring the asset
back into DVD Studio Pro.

You can trim audio clips by frames, making it possible to trim off a popping noise.

Trimming can also be a way to use a small part of a longer asset. Only the part of the
asset that is in the stream is included in the final disc size.