DVD Studio Pro - Viewing the Streams

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Viewing the Streams

A track can contain up to 49 streams total, but viewing this many streams at once requires
some effort. It’s unlikely that you’ll need to view more than ten streams at once; depending
on the types of projects you create, you may use only two or three streams. There are
three ways to control how many streams appear.

• You can change the size of the Track Editor’s quadrant. You can even drag the Track

tab into its own window. See

Working with the Quadrants

for more information.

• You can use the Track Editor’s separator bars to control how many of each stream type

appear. For example, if you do not plan to add subtitles, you can hide the subtitle
stream area by dragging the separator bar above the subtitle area to the bottom of
the window.

• You can select a different stream height. This changes the height of the streams as they

appear in the Track Editor. This can be useful if you want to see larger or smaller
thumbnails of the video at the markers.