DVD Studio Pro - Viewing a Clip’s Properties

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Viewing a Clip’s Properties

When you select a clip in one of the Track Editor’s video or audio streams, the Clip Inspector

To accommodate the additional settings used to configure transitions, the Clip Inspector
used for still clips contains two tabs: General and Transition. The General tab contains
the same information and settings as with video clips. See

Using Still Clip Transitions


information on the Transition tab.

Note: Selecting a clip in a subtitle stream opens the Subtitle Inspector. See



for information on subtitles.

The Clip Inspector shows information about both the clip and the stream.

Settings at the top of the Inspector

Name: Enter a name for the clip. This name applies to the clip in this track’s timeline

only—it does not affect the asset’s name in the Assets tab.

Asset: Shows the clip’s actual filename.

Est. Size: Shows how much disc space this clip requires.

Clip Information and Settings

Start: Shows the clip’s start time in the stream.


Chapter 17

Creating and Editing Tracks

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Clip Start Trim: Choose the part of the asset that the clip should use. Enter an amount

of time by which to trim the clip’s beginning. This affects the clip’s overall length. When
you enter a new Clip Start Time, the clip repositions itself on the timeline so that it
begins at the same time, with the clip’s end moving to its new position.

Duration: Shows the clip’s length. You can enter a new length to trim the end of the


Note: When you import a QuickTime asset that contains both video and audio, you
may find that their durations, as shown in the Clip Inspector, do not match exactly. This
is often due to the DVD-Video specification’s frame rate for the supported audio formats
not dividing evenly into the video frame rate. This does not affect the lip sync between
the audio and video streams or their playback and is purely cosmetic.

Asset Start Timestamp: Displays the timecode of the asset’s first frame.

Bits/Second (Avg.): Shows the clip’s bit rate information.

Stream Information

Stream Number: Shows the stream’s number.

Stream Duration: Shows the stream’s length.

Language: For audio clips only; shows the stream’s language setting. You can choose

a different language from the pop-up menu. The new language is applied to the entire
stream. See

Setting Stream Properties

for more information.

Browse Clip
For video clips only. You can drag the slider under the thumbnail image to scrub through
the clip’s video.