DVD Studio Pro - Multi-Angle and Mixed-Angle Tracks

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Multi-Angle and Mixed-Angle Tracks

DVD Studio Pro allows you to create either multi-angle or mixed-angle tracks. With a
multi-angle track, the alternate video streams are the same length as the main stream. A
mixed-angle track uses partial alternate video streams.

Authoring with multi-angle video is an exciting capability of the DVD medium, though
there are some disadvantages, the main one being that multi-angle video streams consume
a great deal of disc space. A DVD capable of holding 120 minutes of video has its play
time reduced to 60 minutes if there are two video angles (120 divided by 2), and to
13.3 minutes if there are 9 video angles.


Chapter 17

Creating and Editing Tracks

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A space-efficient method of taking advantage of the alternate video streams is to build
DVD projects that have a single video stream for most of their playing time, but that
provide alternate streams in certain sections. This is known as using mixed angles.



Mixed-angle track with stream 3 playing