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Chapter Markers

By default, all markers you create start out as chapter markers. Viewers can jump to these
markers by pressing the Previous and Next buttons on their DVD player’s remote control.
Because of this, even simple projects without a chapter index menu can benefit by having
chapter markers added to the track because they provide a viewer with the ability to
quickly skip through sections of a track.

Only chapter markers can be connected to from other project elements such as menu
buttons and scripts, and a track’s story can only use track sections defined by chapter
markers. While a track can have up to 255 markers, it is limited to a maximum of 99 chapter

Note: The Previous and Next buttons can act differently on different DVD players. See

Getting Consistent Previous and Next Button Behavior

for more information.

Chapter markers have an end jump setting. By default, this is set to Not Set, which actually
means that playback will automatically jump to the next video frame. In almost all cases
you will leave the End Jump set to Not Set; however, you may have non-standard situations
where you need to set the End Jump to a specific element. In these cases, you are limited
to a maximum of 106 chapter markers and individual end jump chapter settings. See

Setting Chapter Marker End Jumps

for more information.

Note: The DVD specification does not allow subtitles to extend across chapter markers.
For that reason, subtitles that cross chapter markers are automatically split into multiple
subtitle clips at each marker when you build your project.


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