DVD Studio Pro - About the Marker Types

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About the Marker Types

There are four types of markers you can have in the track. One marker can be one or more
of these types. The color of a marker in the Track Editor indicates its type—if you configure
a marker to be more than one type, the marker symbol splits to display the relevant colors.

The types of markers and their colors are:

Chapter: Purple


Chapter 17

Creating and Editing Tracks

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Button highlight: Orange

Dual-layer break: Black dot in the marker’s middle

Cell: Green

You define the type of marker in the Marker Inspector. Additionally, you can set a marker
to be a button highlight type by Control-clicking it and choosing Button Highlight Marker
from the shortcut menu.

Note: Only chapter markers can be connected to from menu buttons and scripts.

Each marker has a duration that is determined by the distance between it and the next
marker. This duration is especially important when using button highlight markers, because
it determines how long the highlights display over the video, and when creating stories,
because it determines the length of each story’s segment. See

Creating Buttons over



Introduction to Stories

for more information.