DVD Studio Pro - Stage 6: Calculating DVD-ROM Allowances

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Calculating DVD-ROM Allowances

If you intend to include DVD-ROM content on the disc, you need to subtract it from the
disc space before coming up with your video bit rate.

Because the size of your DVD-ROM content is expressed in binary megabytes, you must
convert it to the same standard as used for the DVD disc size. In this example, there is a
total of 36 MB of data. Each computer MB is equal to 1,048,576 actual bytes. To convert
the DVD-ROM content, you need to multiply its size (36 MB) by 1,048,576 to get the actual
size of 37,748,736.

The next step is to convert this number into bits by multiplying it by 8, providing a final
size of approximately 0.3 gigabits. While this is not a large amount of space, you should
take it into account if you are trying to maximize usage of the disc’s available space.

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