DVD Studio Pro - DVD Studio Pro 3 Projects Using Custom Transitions That Have Been Moved May Not Work

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DVD Studio Pro 3 Projects Using Custom Transitions That Have Been
Moved May Not Work

Projects created with DVD Studio Pro 3 that use custom Alpha Transitions may not build
correctly if the transitions have been moved. (When you play the VIDEO_TS files, the
transition is skipped.) You can correct this by choosing a different transition, then choosing
the correct transition again everywhere the transition is used.


Appendix B

Importing Other Projects

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A major concern when authoring your DVD project is knowing whether it will fit on the
disc size you intend to use. The following describes in detail how to determine the amount
of disc space your project requires, and provides a way to determine a safe bit rate to
encode your video assets with.

Note: The following example is specific to an SD project on a red laser disc. The same
process applies to HD projects on blue laser discs.

Also see

Making Sure Your Content Will Fit

for additional information on fitting your

content to the disc.

This appendix covers the following:

Calculating a Project’s Disc Space Requirements

(p. 635)

Using the Calculated Bit Rate

(p. 640)

Calculating a Project’s Disc Space Requirements

While the video bit rate is the single biggest factor in controlling the size of your project,
a number of other factors determine how much disc space will be required to hold your

• The number of and types of audio assets

• The number of slideshows and their audio

• The number of subtitles

• Any DVD-ROM content to be included

The steps below guide you through the process of estimating your project’s disc space
requirements. For this example, the project has:

• Video asset 1 with a duration of 01:26:13:12 and two audio streams: an AC-3 5.1 surround

and an AC-3 stereo

• Video asset 2 with a duration of 00:45:34:07 and one PCM 16-bit 48 kHz audio stream